Highlights on how to check printed T-shirts quality

Highlights on how to check printed T-shirts quality

  • The lifespan of different fabrics.
  • The durability of printed designs key facts.
  • Common mishaps with colour vibrance and saturation.
  • What to look for the best image sharpness and resolution.
  • Pay attention to finishing and details on garments.
  • Breathability is a good thing.
  • A basic rendition on the most common fabrics, printing techniques and how to use them for best results

What if we asked you, which is your favourite T-shirt? Certainly, there’s one in your wardrobe or perhaps two or three. We all want our favourite T-shirt to last forever but, depending on how it was made, your relationship with it could only survive up till the honeymoon phase.

There are many ways outside retailers use printing techniques to keep your apparel’s life span below average; leaving you with poorly constructed garments and causing design cracking, peeling and decolourising.

Before the garment selection process, be aware that natural fibres tend to age better than synthetic ones. When you have a T-shirt made out of polyblends it may look distorted after a while because each fabric within it has a different expiration date. We recommend businesses to go with 100% cotton garments in order to achieve quality and long term durability.

But what about the shirt’s most handsome part? The most important factor is the artwork. Imagine if DaVinci painted the Mona Lisa on the same beautiful wooden canvas but used acrylic paint instead of oil. Do you think the French would be happy right now?

So this is what this post is all about; it’s a cheat sheet for checking the quality of customised clothing either to constate the quality of the garment itself or the quality of the printed method — a.k.a the customisation technique — used.

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  • I love that you explained how we could verify a shirt’s quality by checking its print’s color and saturation. I heard my sister saying she wants to buy a couple of t-shirts for her family’s upcoming camping trip. I think my sister will like to read about choosing quality shirts, so I’ll share your insight with her right now. Thanks for the information on printed t-shirts and how to select one that’d last for a long time.


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