How to check a Fabric’s Quality

How to check a Fabric’s Quality

The easiest test is to simply touch it. A good quality T-shirt will never feel like plastic or chunky. If the fabric feels soft but firm at the same time, then chances are that it is good quality material. However, ‘softness’ can be easily cheated which is why you must keep an eye on the following details:

  • Check the density of the fabric; simply hold the garment against a light source and see how transparent it becomes. The more transparency there is, the less dense the fabric is. You should be looking for soft but firm fabrics, as we mentioned above.
  • Crumple a part of the garment in your hand tightly and then release it. If it maintains a lot of wrinkles then it is probably bad quality, if it doesn’t have any wrinkles at all then it is probably a synthetic material. Ideally, you’d be looking for something between these two extremes. 
  • Also, by measuring the length of the fibre, you can usually determine the quality of the fabric. The longer the fibre is, the better the quality is considered to be. Simply put, longer fibres make it easier to spin the material into a finer yarn. This is why it can be bonded together, making it durable and softer. Again, if it doesn’t wrinkle, it is proof of longer fibre used. 
  • Since softness is another characteristic that is often associated with good quality T-shirts there are a lot of cheaters out there. Regularly, T-shirts are coated with a chemical (oftentimes it’s starch) that makes the material soft to the touch but it’s not permanent. This is why lots of street and souvenir T-shirts start feeling ‘rough’ just after a couple of washes. T


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